Architecture is our passion
After dedicating over 20 years of each of our lives to the pursuit of architecture, we came to realize that although all aspects of building process are very interesting, for us, the most exciting and stimulating is the design itself.
We would like to extend our practice to share our passion, experience and knowledge with other architects, builders and professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe.

We do not offer drafting services, nor are we draftsmen, technologists or computer experts. We are architects. Although we are interested in implementation of computers in design, we do not glorify technology. Our virtual world serves us to do better architecture and to understand and create better designs, but tracing paper and charcoal are as important in our practice. Design is our objective... and if for that very reason you'd prefer to work with architects rather than computer animators and renderers, we will be very happy to work for you. And yes, we will help with 3 dimensional modeling and animations...

Let us help you:
Expand your ability to serve your clients and while maintaining or increasing your profit. • Have a good design, provide innovation. • Increase your design department and team on a project basis without staff obligations and high cost of the employment commitment. Increase the profit available in the design phase of your work. • Avoid or remedy the stress of periods of too much work. • And above all to give yourself more CHOICE and enjoy the benefit of collaboration. • Engage our firm on short-term contract. We will meet with your firm and work for you.

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